Musical Anesthesia

At the dental office this morning, I listened to the sound of Christmas songs for two and a half hours while having dental work. This job required local anesthesia.  One particular music helped me focus away from the drilling of one of the teeth in order to save it.  The music carried me away in meditating about the story of a birth of new-born King.

This song has over 20 million hits.  Is it the song or the singer?  I hope it’s the song.

16 thoughts on “Musical Anesthesia

  1. For me, it’s the execution of the song.

    I also enjoy their arrangement of Carol of the Bells. It’s on YouTube at

    A few years ago I had some dental work done. Like yourself I was under local anesthesia – but I still felt stressed and uncomfortable. I coped by focusing on my then-recent hike on the Inca Trail, and my memories of riding a small horse close to the edge of the trail on the side of the mountain. If the horse had stumbled and went over the edge he would have taken me with him, maybe a couple of thousand feet into the valley, there would likely have been no way to get us back. Fortunately he didn’t go over the edge, and neither did I. When I focused on that experience, I found the terror of the drill receding.

    Merry Christmas.

    • That is a good one, Thank you and they do sing beautifully.

      I see your point about exchanging one terror with another. Next time, I’ll be on that seat, I will think of one. Merry Christmas to you, too.

      • Actually, for me, it wasn’t a matter of exchanging one terror for another.

        It was a matter of remembering that I had faced and survived a previous terror. One of the ways I had coped with the terror I had when I was on the horse on the edge of a mountain, was to focus on the trail ahead of me instead of looking down at the terror below. Also by singing and praying!

        When I was in the dentist’s chair, the terror of that moment on the mountain was behind me, and instead I felt a sense of adventure and excitement. You could say that rather than exchanging one terror for another I was exchanging a sense of terror for a sense of adventure and excitement.

        Happy New Year!

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