Ten more days before Christmas

Plan A and B failed me.  Now I have to shift the focus of this blog to Plan C.  C for Christmas and that means advent.

What to expect starting today until the end of the year from this site will be mostly meditations and daily wisdom taken from Facebook.  These are post from sites that I subscribed that help me shape my interior life.

man waiting

Let’s meditate, cogitate, and vegetate: not necessarily in this order.

Pax Tecum:  seeker

20 thoughts on “Ten more days before Christmas

    • Well done Ms. Roaming Labyrinth. Congratulations. Well, let me see. Can I take the following from your post the cat, introvert, and the applause instead of the awards? I’ll skip the rain since we have too much of that where I live. I prefer a gift of nothing and I have written about this in Better than freshly pressed. Thank you for choosing me, I am honored. Perpetua.

  1. Looking forward to your posts, seeker. This one is a lovely beginning. Allowing ourselves to be loved can be a most challenging task, when we are not deeply connected to our own hearts. This one I know. Learning and opening all of the time. 🙂

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