Peace Party Favour

After the party, those who came receives something “to go”, mostly food.  The food is overflowing; the best thing to do is to waste not and ask the guests to take them home.  Apart from the “to go”, there’s the party favours as known as loot bag.
Loot bag is another way to have fun.  And what’s in the bag?   Hmmm, let me see.  Usually odds and ends, candies, toys, awards; opsey, did I say award?
Fret not, the buck stops right here.  There are no strings attached to this.  Remember, I was the first one who broke the rule and some have followed the trend.  All you have to do is enjoy and brag about it.
Blogs has been blessed, 2013 Blog of the Year, Excellence and Versatile

Blogs has been blessed, 2013 Blog of the Year, Excellence and Versatile

The recipients of this loot bag are the bloggers who shared their thoughts in this post: Open Party: Give Peace a Chance.  You know who you are and I’ll be right there at your doorstep to present you with your loot bag.  Thank you for sharing the joy of peace.  It is such a blessing.

I would also like to thank the bloggers who generously shared the content of the loot bag.

The Happy Digest
Friendly Fairy Tales
Lead Our Lives
Making Life an Art

Keep on blogging and spread Peace.

25 thoughts on “Peace Party Favour

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      • You are too sweet Perpetua. What a wonderful kindness.
        Speaking of which – since you’re getting a wonderful collection of “Bella Remy’s” work – what would you like an image of next? I’ve got a super idea on how to produce it that will amaze you.
        Your pick of any of my images. XXOO

      • Woo whoo… the owl is winking t me right now. :P.

        Actually, I wanted to send you a Christmas Card. The card I sent you to an address attached to the package, I don’t know if it reached you. Can you e-mail me your address, please.

        Idea? I love ideas.

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