Heart Surgery Blues (for the Seeker)

GAM Golden Colorado Morning


G.A. Miller sketched his self-portrait when he had a heart surgery, titled My Golden Colorado Days. Not only can he draw, he’s a singer as well. A good one I must. say. Listen and enjoy.

GAM thank you for putting this all together for me. Much appreciated. Seeker.

g.a. miller

Heart Surgery Blues

I’m in Golden Colorado / a streetlight shines between two pines

I’m not far from the brewery, / a thunderstorm and the School of Mines

heart surgery in the morning / heart surgery

sitting out on my back porch / with my guitar and my blues

the doctor told me not to / but I feel like drinking some booze

heart surgery in the morning / heart surgery

yes I’m gonna get a new valve / I said “could you please make it the plastic kind

I’d rather not have a pig valve / that is if’n you don’t mind

heart surgery in the morning / heart surgery

Buffalo Bill’s defunct* / he’s buried on a mountain** not far from here

it’s open mic night down at the bar / they’re down there laughing, joking, smoking, picking, grinning, singing and drinking beer

heart surgery in the morning…

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