Better than Perfect

Way better!

Not that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving in October the Canadian Way, I am celebrating the American and the Jewish tradition as well.


Holy One of Blessing, may all the different peoples, cultures, traditions and lifestyles that constitute America work together to share what we have with those in need. – Rabbi Laura Geller

We celebrate this day as a nation of people who have been blessed more than any other people on the face of the earth and at any time. We acknowledge you as the giver of the good we so easily take for granted. Forgive us as we are a forgetful people. Grant us on thisThanksgiving Day, the time to reflect on all the ways you have blessed each of us who has gathered. Increase our understanding of your ways, defeat us when we use our blessings for selfish gain, and remind us to love one another. ~ Christian Blessings

Coming from the Philippines, we do not have such thing as Thanksgiving Day for we give thanks every moment and every day.

It has been over 70,000 years since Thanksgiving and Hanukkah overlapped and today is the gravy for the celebration.  Don’t know when the next time it will happen again and I will make sure I will live it up, today!

See, I told you it will be a Perfect Day.

Photo Credit:  Jews embrace the merging of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving Day

22 thoughts on “Better than Perfect

      • It was pretty good, thank you. I was amongst friends, which is the best way to celebrate any gathering!

        I had much to be thankful! Better health was at the top of the list — after four years of daily headaches and too frequent migraines, my neurologist finally found the meds that work! Now I can concentrate again, and feel alive!

        I’m glad you enjoyed yours, too! 🙂

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