At a moment of Grace

Residents pray inside a damage Catholic Church after Typhoon Haiyan damaged Tacloban, Philippines.  With the gifts of faith, hope, and love the Filipinos will recover and become stronger people.

Source:  BC Catholic November 15, 2013 issue

Source: BC Catholic November 15, 2013 issue

Do not mourn Nature,
For you will discover,
A new growth underneath,
Hope will always deliver.
Rise to the occasion,
Leave the worrying,
Provide us with beauty,
That is your calling.


Thank you for the Sunday music, Diana Rasmussen

18 thoughts on “At a moment of Grace

    • Thank you for sharing this post. My story is now history. Just like the good doctor wrote in his post: We’re still alive and that is grace.

      Again, thank you. Pax

  1. Through the years, I have had the blessing of knowing many people from the Philippines. I have found them to be stalwart, faithful, open hearted….I am touched by what has happened and even more so, by their response. I have friends who have gone back to help their families and friends. I continue to pray for them.

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