Emptying my mind

Continuation of yesterday.

Time to meditate and rejuvenate my inner-self.

Repeat after me…. Ommmmmm……Ommmmmm…..


Like this?  Visit Miss Four Eyes.  This is her creation and she blogs naked.  Okay, don’t get too excited.  Slowly, slowly, take your time.

Disclaimer:  I received no compensation for using her cartoon, mantra, meditation technique or mentioning her name what so ever.  Only the joy of sharing her humour.

17 thoughts on “Emptying my mind

  1. That’s exactly what goes through my mind every time … I usually end up “trying to solve a problem” or “visualize what I want” rather than meditate. Very funny, P! I’m on my way to see “missfoureyes”!

    Ommmmmm ….

      • And when my friend does yoga, all her cats, at one time or another, will do a bunch of stuff to get her attention (like get on her back, tickle her with their whiskers …)

        And I had already subscribed to her blog … ,! :-).

    • I want to introduce you to the real world now that you are graduate and hoping somebody will see your intelligent blog site and hire you on the spot. Then all the $$$ will come and you can play princess with tiara to go. If not then, you can be a pirate and start covering one of your eyes.. Thank you for being there! And this post is my graduation gift to you.

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