Habitual Reader

Joyce Carol Oates says: “The first sentence cannot be written until the final sentence is written.”


This brings me to the habit of reading a book.

I read the first page and the final page before I decide whether I will read the whole book.  Should I enjoy these, more than likely I will relish reading every word written in the book.

30 thoughts on “Habitual Reader

  1. I read the last page just so I know what to look for while I’m reading it. Even if a book turns out terrible I feel committed to read it to the end–then take it to Good Will. >KB

  2. As a writer, I agree with Oates, but as a reader, I can’t read the last page, or know the ending, before getting all the “guts” of the story. The same with movies. If you tell me the ending, I my have to consider bodily harm. lol

  3. Habitual reader – great post…speaks to me! This says it for me. “I cannot live without books.” – Thomas Jefferson.

  4. Nooooo….you must never read the last page until it is the last page left to read! If it was meant to be read at any other time it would be in a different place.

  5. Reading is one of the bestest habits! I could never read the last page until it was the last to read.But I do test the readability of a book by reading the first paragraph and taking in the words on the first page.. 🙂 Thank you for the visit to my blog.

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