Happiness is Laundry Day

How can I be so happy to see an empty laundry room.  No competition!  I can do three loads of laundry all at once instead of having to wait for the next available machine.

When it comes to laundry day, I have to learn the habits of my neighbours.  Weekends are out.  I wouldn’t dare go to the laundry room.  There is always a line up.  Busy, busy, busy. Early mornings are out, too.  I’d rather have that extra sleep with the kitties and sleep in.

Monday and Tuesday nights is continuation of weekend for those people who did not do their washing.  During the day of the week is definitely out, I work; unless I call in sick just to do laundry.  The best time for me is on Thursday and Friday nights.  It’s a mad dash for me to get home fast to do the laundry.

There is a system to this madness.

On Wednesday, I prepare the dirty clothes for laundry night.  As you can see, I use a wheelie to carry the hamper.  When I come home on Thursday, every thing is ready.  Say a quick prayer that the room is empty if not repeat performance on Friday.

Between these, I have to make sure that I have laundry detergents and plenty of coins.  Otherwise, I have to wash some items by hand should I run out of undergarments.  Opsey, sorry to air out my dirty laundry.

I must say washing machines and dryers are the best invention ever.  No more washing dirty clothes by hand.

Oh, happy days.

19 thoughts on “Happiness is Laundry Day

  1. There used to be lines in our laundry room but the last couple of years it has been mostly empty whenever I want to do my laundry. Have no idea where everyone is doing their laundry. We are not permitted to have washers and dryers in our condos…maybe they take their laundry home to mom’s where it is free to wash and dry. I would do that if I had a mom.

  2. I am one of those who LOVES to do laundry. Not facing a line for access to those wonderful machines is a blessing! I even find that cleaning my home is an opportunity to meditate. Probably a weird concept for some and absolutely wonderful for me. 😉

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