Happiness is humour

As the saying goes, humour is the best medicine.  A good laugh cultivates our inner joy.  Laughing is better when it’s shared.  Therefore, allow me to share this anecdote.

One day Mullah Nasruddin was passing through a busy bazaar of his hometown. Many of his disciples followed him. They were copying every move the Mullah was making. If he looked skyward, they looked skyward. If he bent down to touch his toes, they bent down to touch their toes. If he spread his arms in the air, they spread their arms in the air. All this looked silly to the onlookers. Wondering what was going on, one shopkeeper came to the Mullah and inquired.

Mullah Nasruddin replied rather casually, “I am enlightening their minds.”

“How?” asked the confused shopkeeper.

Mullah replied, “It is simple. Every morning when they come to me, I count them and whoever is missing I consider his mind enlightened.”

This makes me smile every time I read it.  You may find this post in Sufi Ways “Ha Ha Ha” Sufi Style.

Thank you Kamran Zafar.

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