After the storm

Sky always blue. 
Snow peaked mountains
towering the sky. 
z mountain
 Mountains that I see everyday
basking in the light of the sun
My thoughts longing to reach it
to feel the warmth of the sun
the coldness of the snow
from the distant
I stand in silent reverence
Praising your Glory.

19 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Wow! What a pleasant view, P! You are lucky. Our Gatineau Hills are especially nice this time of year, but alas, I don’t have a car to get there. Still, nature is a darn good gift for the eyes and the soul! 🙂

    • Imagine seeing this on a daily basis on commute to work. I love watching the mountain ranges. Car? Get a friend to drive you. There is healing in Nature even from the distance.

    • I see this everyday from the Skytrain and think of it as Seymour Mountain. It’s a beautiful place for hiking. Yes, God is good… all the time. Peace be with you. Seeker.

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