My heart skipped a beat – A Referrer

Do you ever read the “referrers” in your Stat section?  I do.

Do you click on the link should you see an unfamiliar link? I do.

When I did visit the link of the referrers, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a familiar name.  Bite Size Canada has two nominations: Arts & Culture and Topical (for weblogs that fit within a very particular niche not covered by other categories) and

Here: check it out for yourself and tell me that I am not dreaming and click on this link 2013 Canadian Blog Awards.

I have taken a bite out of Canadian history.  Nobody can give me a better history than Bite Size Canada: This Week in Canadian History.  The site gives me so much history about the War of 1812 and I learned not just about the country who adopted me but also about America, Britain, France, and other countries.  Learning about the different ethnic groups of First Nations, Native Americans, and foreigners made me feel connected with them.

She also has a good heart for she went beyond the call of duty when I asked her to research a person for me. Request granted and she wrote an excellent post on a bite size history of Princess Alice of Battenberg

I am so proud of TK Morin who is the writer and her muse, Rufus When I shared this news to her, she was “stoked”.  Who wouldn’t.  To be nominated is an honour.  I am hoping that she will receive the award.

Lets give Bite Size Canada an applause.  Come visit her and Rufus to wish her the best.  Way to go, Tk!

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