35 thoughts on “Isolation is not a sign of depression

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  2. That is oh so true! We do indeed enjoy the company of others, and do gather up our strength with just a bit of solitude … Thank you for the acknowledgement! 🙂

  3. Definitely introvert! Friends can’t believe it because when I do go out I can be wild and crazy but I need a lot of alone time to recuperate. When I was young, the label was shy.

  4. Great post. Total introvert here. I have to be very social at my job which is managing a large number of people. While I am adept at all the socialization it requires it exhausts me. Down time is an absolute must. Spending time alone with nature and my camera are the preferred ways to rejuvenate. Lucky me I married an introvert. He spends time with his guitars. 🙂

  5. Thank you for this important post. The hardest thing for introverts who like people to get across to others is that our natural need for downtime in no way means we do not like our family and friends. It also doesn’t mean we’re shy or antisocial. I’d imagine this is very hard for people who gain rather than lose energy by socializing to understand.

  6. Excellent question. I live in isolation. I don’t consider myself depressed however I’m sure the professionals would think otherwise! I need to think about this. Introvert or extrovert . . . Excellent question.

  7. I am an introvert. I can socailize if and when needed but I like being alone with my pets and photography.

    I worked for 35 years in a hospital setting and I had more than enough of my share of having to interact with staff and patients. It drained me of energy.

    I Now, I have lots to do with all my rescues and I don’t even think about feeling lonely.

    I like this post a lot. ~yvonne

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