Cats Rule

On the internet, you can never have too many cats. Now, on two islands in Japan, a similar principle seems to be in effect. The islands of Tashirojima in Miyagi prefecture and Aoshima in Ehime prefecture are covered in cats – and tourists love it.

Photo shot

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The two islands are gradually being taken over by cats as the aging populations on those islands gradually fall. Veterinary doctors regularly visit the islands to ensure that the cats are in good health, Otherwise, however, they are free to roam. Tourists have been arriving by ferry to photograph and feed the cats, and local ferry captains have reacted with great surprise to the influx of new tourists.

At the moments, island officials are trying to figure out what to do to make the situation best for both tourists and cats. The cats already have a plan, however – take over the world!


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10 thoughts on “Cats Rule

  1. It is my hope they can neuter at least these poor cats that must live like this. It is an interesting story. I can’t imagine what I’d pay a month to feed all those kitties. I buy so much food now for the strays coming to my patio.
    Liked the story

  2. Hahaha! Go Cats!! Lol

    Loved your post, Perpetua and I love cats so much. Great story. Hope all is well in your world. I miss you your posts, but soon life will get back to normal. Hugs Paula xxxx

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