Scent of the Horizon

At first glance, the boy and the dog seem to be having a grand time of race or chase.

Smell of the Horizon

Smell of the Horizon

This photo showed up on my Facebook and it was taken by a photographer who is a friend of my brother.  I love the playfulness of the picture and I can imagine how the dog is following his scent.  I contacted William Orsua, the photographer, if I may use this photo for future post.  He gladly shared and provided me a much better photo.

A boy and a dog

As it turned out, he mentioned that the dog was trying to smell and reach for his son.  I cannot really tell whether his son was laughing, crying, having a fit or frightful of the dog.  I prefer to think that they are having a good time.

The pictures are just too beautiful to share in the blog and the fear of having the photos being pirated by others, I kept it and never posted it.

On the way to work this morning,  I was reading today’s Metro Newspaper.  The photo section,  I saw the picture of the boy and a dog that looks very familiar and the author’s name is different.  My fear came back thinking that the photo was intercepted by someone else and entered it in the newspaper’s Photo Challenge.

When I came home, I quickly checked William’s Facebook to ask about the photo.  Much to my surprise, a post from his wall that he won the local Metro Photo Challenge and he is now competing for the Global Winner.

Having known that, I am proud to share “Smell” on today’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  If you like his photo, please click on the Metro Photo Challenge and like the photo.

z photo challenge

“The scent of fresh air on cheeks from the outside of a child is truly the most wonderful scent memory for all of us.”

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