For all animal lovers

How can we stop this:

This video is about dogs in China.  China breeds animals for their fur. The next time you see a fur coat or fur lined clothing, think where they came from.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Furthermore, please be very cautious of the food you feed your animals especially coming from China.

Must see Video.  Play video:

FDA proposes strict new safety standards for pet food producers

13 thoughts on “For all animal lovers

  1. Thank you Seeker, but like Ku, I can not watch the video because I have watched to many and know what is coming. Keep up the fight to help people understand the pain and suffering that humans cause in the name of fashion. – Lorian of DogDaz

  2. I love my dog and would hate anything to happen to him, he is like a member of the family, I have seen what happens to dogs in some Asian countries including South Korea. In Syria today people are eating what once was family pets, either that or starve. In the UK a few months ago horse meat was found in British made meat products and the British public quite rightly so.
    We have one dog and two cats which all three I love to bits and only feed them trusted brands, until recently the dog ate chicken and kibbles, but as he got older he started to have extremely smelly wind, since moving him onto a top brand of food, no smell and has lost weight, which was a good thing.
    I am not watching the video as I can guess what it will show, if its about dogs as food then never mind how much we campaign, its a cultural thing and as the French and the Germans eat horse, we eat pig to the distaste of the Jews and Muslims, in Australia they eat Kangaroo, which I have tried and very nice, low in fat.
    During WWII it was suggested by the British government to have your animals put down and in London alone over 7000 dogs were put down, quite a few were evacuated along with the children, information collected after the war, many families ate stray dogs and some butchers sold dog meat, it was a nod of the head or a wink of the eye that you would get extra mince if you took dog mixed in, you do anything to survive, many French, Polish, citizens under German occupation had no choice, during Hitlers siege of Stallingrade it was so bad there ere talk of cannibalism but never proved.
    In the UK we have the RSPCA a royal appointed animal welfare charity, in Scotland where I live we have the same organisation except its the SSPCA Scottish Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals., I used to belong to Cats Protection, we trapped feral cats spayed or nurtured them and released then into the countryside were they where safe, any kittens we found if the were under 4 weeks the could be rehomed, over 4 weeks old we kept them in the pens, fed them had the vet inoculated them, by this time e could assess them as some do become able to be rhomed after handling, if the had no chance we ould have a list of frms who would take them to keep the mice and rats down. We would supply food for the first month, latr we would trap them, spay and nuture them keep them overnight at the vets and then return them to the farm.
    Anyway, we got a call to a disused factory with around 30+ adult cats and kittens, we had to rescue as many as possible as a pest control company supervised by the SSPCA to cull the rest as feral cats are classed as vermin. I will leave you with that thought….The UK are suppose to be famous for the love of animals…

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