On pasture land

The Pyrenees of France.  What a spectacular view.


The walk started from this mountain region going downhill.  Downhill?   We skipped the hard part which is the “slight incline”, now we have to do the “slight decline”.  Besides we are not real troopers of “The Way”.  We are doing the Gucci Way.

Pasture Land

Switchback descent on pasture land was enjoyable where we met cows and sheep.  These animals must be used to people that they continue munching along and just giving us the look.  Not a moo or a bleat from them.

In the mountain, it’s rather windy.  Even though the sun is shining, we have to shield ourselves with a hat and jacket.  There is no escaping from the elements for this area is treeless and exposed from the winds coming from a nearby bay.

Finally, I could hear the sound of the children playing and laughing from the distance.  I know we are closer to where we have started.  My knees begin to feel the relief of the end of the first journey, Day 1.


The meeting place is at the park by the school where a picnic lunch awaits.  There is no better way to end the walk by having a picnic surrounded by trees under the canopy of leaves.


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