36 thoughts on “Silent Treatment

  1. having one of those days, well, the less you are of yourself, the better you will feel instantly, it’s the power of the evil dweller to get inside ours heads, damage relationships and all that, but it cuts both ways as they say, have a great day, think of the next great lines your going to write and the smile you are going to put on many faces…really and belive it…amen

  2. When my brain takes a vacation, that’s when I’ll turn to cleaning the home, which doesn’t need a brain … and then if my brain returns, well then, do I 🙂

    • Cleaning, what a sensible way for a prescription. Yes, yes, yes. I did a bit of that yesterday. Wash dirty laundry from the trip! Throw away junk mails! Delete a whole bunch of files from the computer! Minor purge…. tee hee.

  3. Yes I have experienced this! t’s October. It’s cold and dark outside. Winter is coming! I hate Polar Night and I miss Polar Day. That’s living in Arctic Circle Finlad. My lucky, Santa Claus also lives here 🙂

    • I guess being in the Artic has it’s disadvantage but I heard Finland is one of the best countries to live not to mention you have Santa Claus all the time. Hi, Ms. T.

  4. I have just returned from my brain’s ‘Silent Retreat”…LOL…been feasting my brain with lots of movies (via my mobile phone) and non-computer related stuffs while it is giving me that ‘silent treatment’…

    All the best to you and be back soon…Cheers!! 😀

      • You’re welcome!! Happy to be able to read many of your latest posts after this silent treatment.

        Glad the treatment is over…YAY….

        Do have a wonderful and inspiring weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  5. Silence…prayer…FAITH…God will fill in the blanks.
    God speaks to me through other people, nature and silence.
    This is why I read your inspiring blog.
    When I learned to listen and focus on the silence
    my brain is always filled beyond my capacity to remember
    and or my ability to type fast enough.
    Believe, every second awake is filled with enough experiences
    to fill a page with a thousand words.
    Love, hugs and blessings…ME and the Boss

    • Three good combinations: Silence, prayer and faith. Silence did wonders to me yesterday and faith keep me up. As for prayers, I did it in the quiet of my heart, unspoken words. Thank you for you wisdom and kindness.

  6. Mr Midnight says he gets it all the time. As for Sir Winston and myself, we´re also not immune. I think that it is allowed to have a “shut-down” every now and again. Batteries will then, be replenished. Sir Winston adds; just go with the flow. You don´t have to do anything about it. If the flow seems to stop for a while – relax and enjoy – things will flow when its ready. Enjoy the moment.
    Mr Midnight cheekily adds that it becomes a problem when the brain “silent mode” is in continual flow. There´s enough brain drain around the world!
    Just ignore him. He´s in one of his moods. 🙂
    Best regards

    • Mr. AG… cats have a wonderful of replenishing the batteries. I tend to like Mr. Midnight’s cheekiness. Mind you cats’ purring sound never seems to run out of batteries, keeps on going and going and going. Regards to all, cats included. BTW, cats are great antidotes.

      • I´ll do the best I can to keep their batteries charged. I keep feeding them both, stroking them both and loving them both, so their batteries must always be fully charged. In return, I get the soothing effects of their affection (and cheekiness) :). Thanks for replying. It´s very much appreciated.

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