6 thoughts on “Hero Dog Leads Cop to Burning House

  1. Seeker- interesting post. Here is relevant info that I would like to share.

    Dogs can be trained to detect the low levels of blood sugar and alarm their owners. The dogs generally use their acute sense of smell to detect changes in the chemical comp­osition of their owner’s sweat or breath – associated with drop in blood sugar. So the dogs can be taught to raise the alarm by either barking, pawing or even fetching a blood testing kit. It’s been done, and has saved many lives.

    All people with Type 1 diabetes and those with Type 2 diabetes who are on glucose lowering medication, including insulin, need to regularly check their blood glucose, and it’s great to have a trained dog around.

    Best Regards,


      • Thanks Seeker. We often underestimate the talents and qualities our animal friends possess. I believe people will respect and treat animals with dignity, more they understand that life on Earth is same, all creatures great and small created by God in different shapes and forms, but with same love.

        Please do feel free to share this info as you consider appropriate.

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