Glimpse of Santiago de Compostela

Entering the narrow pathways considered as a street in Santiago de Compostela, we could see the steeple of the cathedral.  The pilgrims’ steps quickened as they are getting excited to reach their destination.

In front of the towering old steeple, dating as far back as the 11th century, I felt dwarfed by the structure.


I noticed four people stood in awe in front of the Cathedral with their medieval apparel. One could only guess that they are some form of religious order unknown to me.

Clothed in Medieval Outfil

They prayed over a couple of pilgrims.  I could see that the lady sitting on the stone cried while the other remained kneeling.  As I took pictures. I quietly prayed in my heart that may their prayers be heard and answered.

I was happy for these pilgrims to receive blessings and hugs.  Emotions do take over standing on the grounds of Santiago de Compostela.  One does not have to be religious to feel the overwhelming surroundings and not be affected by it.

Santiago Compostela Cathedral

7 thoughts on “Glimpse of Santiago de Compostela

  1. What an amazing structure!!!
    Just seeing it must have felt like a blessing in and of itself!
    Hope your pilgrimage is still going well Miss P – that you get from it what you needed…

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