Ascending the Mountain

For most walkers or hikers, going up the mountain is far easier than going down .  When it comes to descending, it is really hard on the knees and toes especially when the mountain is too rocky and paved with stones.

Our destination was one of the historical and possibly difficult walk of the Camino over Mount Irago.

Foggy day at Irago Mountain

Foggy day at Irago Mountain

It was rather a foggy start; however, as the sun decided to break through, the most beautiful green scenery greeted us.

The famous Cruz de Hierro (iron cross) is on top of Irago Mountains.  The pilgrims carry a stone from the start of their walk as a penance and here they place the stone at the foot of the cross, a tradition since the 11th century.

Cruz de Hierro (Iron Cross)

Cruz de Hierro (Iron Cross)

Well, with this thought in mind and since I decided to travel light with no stone, I might as well leave my body at the foot of the cross.  Not that I have a  heart made of stone but I must have gained weight from too much eating bread, cheese and ham.

Having reached the top, I left a piece of wood and wrote a note on it.

Prayer stick from Canada with love

Prayer stick from Canada with love

A prayer for St. John’s intercession  “Pray for Us” and a  plea to God “Have Mercy on Us”.

The terrain descending is rather bleak and rugged but with lovely views, it eases up the hardship of walking down the mountain and lift up our spirits.

Ash Mountain Trees

Ash Mountain Trees

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