The Way

Unlike Martin Sheen in the movie The Way, I came to walk the earth and walking part of Camino Santiago de Compostela is just one of my dreams.  If you have seen the movie, this Posada was in the movie.  I can’t remember which part but apparently Sheen was outside the building talking loudly to someone  and a man stuck his head out from the second floor window to hush them.

Posada, Roncesvalles

Posada, Roncesvalles

Again, unlike Martin Sheen who looked so clean, not a single hair out-of-place and not a drop of perspiration on his forehead, I was literally soaking wet with perspiration and my hair was all over the place.

From this place, the distance that one has to traverse is a mere 700 km.  Nothing could ever prepare me or anybody for this expedition no matter how healthy or young you are.

And finally, unlike the movie that has beautiful weather from beginning to end; this is what the weather we started.  Horizontal rain, lightning and thunder.

8 am liquid sunshine

8 am liquid sunshine

Oh, the things I do for fun.

14 thoughts on “The Way

  1. Bonjour-Hola seeker! 🙂 @”The Way, I came to walk the earth and walking part of Camino Santiago de Compostela is just one of my dreams.”

    My agnostic neighbors-friends have done it this year… a very interesting experience from France to Spain. 🙂
    – – –
    my very best and sunny greetings from Toulouse, France! 🙂 Mélanie

  2. Saw the movie and loved it. I have done two long distance walks in the British Isles, The Coast to Coast and the West Highland Way combined with the Great Glen Way. The weather can be horrible and your feet will hurt and you will wonder why you are doing it at times but it is a wonderful kind of madness. Go strong! 🙂

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