Walk, walk, walk

Where am I? 
According to the itinerary, we would have walked the foothills of the Pyrenees near the French border. This is the Camino’s traditional start to the “French Route” where medieval pilgrims arrived into Spain from France after an arduous walk through the mountains. 
Following an uphill battle, we descended through forests, fields and villages of the Navarre Region.  Passing a village of Burquete which Hemingway wrote about in his novel “The Sun Also Rises” is part of the program. This is picturesque country and the walking is easy.
Photo Credit by Walkers World

Photo Credit by Walkers World

Continuing the walk is just outside Pamplona. The Camino trail is through rolling countryside dotted with small villages. Each village has a café, a bar and friendly locals who wave and wish the walkers “Buon Camino”.  Finally, Java! 
Day five, our walk is through gentle countryside filled with vineyards and tranquil villages of the La Rioja wine district. La Rioja wine is the most famous in Spain but the region is also known for its white asparagus and its fruit. 
So far so good.

20 thoughts on “Walk, walk, walk

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful, P! I’ll say this much: you are in better shape than I am doing all that walking … I’m very happy for you, Perpetua! 🙂

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