The rain in Spain…

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.



Somehow this cloud does not look promising on the first morning of staying in Bilbao, Spain. The sun was struggling to break through the thick clouds.

It’s rather a warm day, the sun won, the rain lost, the clouds remained in the horizon giving a soft white fluffy cottony texture,

I found a corner bar that is open first thing in the morning. It is actually a coffee bar by morning and  serves stronger beverage by night, if you get my drift.  Here I decided to have my morning Java and a simple breakfast.


Ah coffee. Coffee tastes much better in Spain than Starbucks in Canada.

In the background, I could hear music playing to the tune of “It’s a Wonderful World. It seemed to me that it was coming from across the water,


After coffee, I decided to follow the music and crossed the bridge. At the other of the bridge, I found the lone player and people were passing, in a rush, and continued walking.


Well, I have all mornIng and now he has an audience of one, me.  I requested if he could play the “It’s A Wonderful World” again. And he did.  What a beautiful way to start a day. Of course, he deserves a good tip for making my morning memorable,


I walked away and he was playing the classical hymn “Ave Maria.”

Good Morning, Spain!

25 thoughts on “The rain in Spain…

  1. “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” Good one. Walking away to “Ave Maria” isn’t to shabby either. I love the bridge. I wanted to eat your breakfast and drink your coffee… and I’ll never forget the street musician’s red pants. I say you did a remarkable job! Brilliant! Good morning!!

    • Buenas dias. Apparently the builder of that bridge is commissioned to build a structure in New York close to ground zero, Yes, it was a beautiful morning.

    • Emily, remember that post you had about horseback riding and having a picnic after? Well, we are had some of those picnics catered by our guides. Thank you for the good wishes. So far so good.

    • Hi Belen. We are waling to Camino Santiago De Compostela. Where are located in Spain. We are staying at Puenta la Rena tonight. Buen Camino, Buenas Noches. 😛

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