What do you mean lost?  I asked my baby brother.

I was asking for one of his photographs so I can zero on him.  He studied photography and entered some of his pictures and won an award.

In 1987, he was the recipient of Tricolour Award for the Best Portrait of a woman, Kodak Gallery Award for the Best Portrait overall. He was the photographer as well as the printer of the photograph. He also won the Best Printer given by Kodak Canada.

This event was only open for the professional photographers sponsored by PPABC (Professional Photographer’s Association of British Columbia).

The award had elevated him to esteem photography where he can no longer enter amateur contests.

I suppose if one has so many awards, it does not matter anymore because the honor he receives is what he gives the people he photographs.  He is surrounded by beautiful people.  Just take a look at this.

Miss World Canada 2013 contestants and Angelo Siglos

Miss World Canada 2013 contestants and Angelo Siglos

Angel does this for fun as a volunteer.  He has a day job that I told him never ever quit this position working for the City of Vancouver.  I asked him to apply for  City where I used to work.  With his talent, charm, and initiative he got the job without me having to put a good word with the Supers.  He keeps on thanking me for the job, and I kept on telling that I never influenced the people at the head office.   There was no nepotism involved,  I left working for the city, and he remains with them.  Thank goodness, he listens to me not to quit his day job.

Happy Birthday, Angel.  God Bless you.

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