A Supple Mind

I am a lover of Rumi and Hazrat Inayat Khan. These two are classics on molding my spiritual life that I became more in tuned with the religion that I am born at. Because Catholicism is Universal, allow me quote a Sufi saying: “There are so many ways to kiss the ground”. This post speaks personally about the cognitive way of thinking.

Sufi Ways

by Navid Zaidi

Once there was a disciple of a Greek philosopher who was commanded by his master for three years to give money to everyone who insulted him. After three years, the disciple was asked to go to Athens to learn wisdom. A sage met him at the gate and insulted him. The disciple laughed at it. The sage asked him why he laughed. The disciple replied that for three years he had to pay money for being insulted and now he was getting it for free. The sage said, ‘ Enter the city. It’s all yours.’

(From Dalai Lama’s book: The Art of Happiness)

So it wasn’t hardship alone that opened the city of wisdom to the disciple. The prime factor that allowed him to deal with a difficult situation was his capacity to shift perspective, to view his situation from a different vantage point.

The ability…

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