Cheers To a Pope That Knows Being Gay Is Not a Sin

Ms. Pretty has something to tell me and I would like to share it with you. She is one smart person.



Today at church, the priest’s sermon was about the most recently talked about interview that Pope Francis gave. Right there in the church, i thought to myself; “i have to write a post about this”. I’ve always considered myself a “knowledgeable third party” when it comes to issues regarding Catholicism. This is because although i’m not a catholic, everyone in my mom’s family is, so i know a lot about catholic doctrines. (I presently attend my aunt’s church which is catholic)

The one comment that stood out to me from the interview was the pope’s reaction to homosexuals. He mentioned that he had gotten a few letters from homosexual people who felt that the church had cast them out( not his exact words). He asked if God looks at homosexual people differently. This, my dear friends is what everyone should think about before opening their mouths to call gay…

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5 thoughts on “Cheers To a Pope That Knows Being Gay Is Not a Sin

  1. I have to say again, I really love this Pope! And the cool thing, too, is that people are actually listening to him, because he doesn’t just repeat the same things we’ve heard this past century! So I love him as a Christian, and as a man of vision! 🙂

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