Sweating with Fear – Saturated

Can one get any wetter?  Wet is wet.  That’s it.  These were my thoughts as I was feeding the ducks at Stanley Park and another thought pop up.  Do ducks get wet?  Or does water just roll down on their backs?

What an introspective mind I had that afternoon for a simple activity of feeding the ducks when I can just easily enjoy the moment.   And I did.

z WP Sept 28, 2013 (1)

These ducks are smart when they see humans.  They very well know that we can’t resist feeding them even when there is a sign “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.”  Ignoring the sign, I have half a loaf of baguette that I do not want to waste.

On the other side of the bank, I saw a racoon.  Go away, bandit, you are not invited.  Do you think the bandit understands?  Of course, not!  Bandit had his eyes on the bread.

What happened next, bandit went for a swim across the bank, on my side of the lagoon.  Then bandit started calling his family: “Come and follow” in bandit’s purring sound.  A Mama and a baby raccoon heeded his call.

Now what? How am I going to get out of this situation?  The exit is where the raccoons are.

Please note that this may sound like slow motion but this incident happened in a flash.

Panic set in.  I started to sweat and wanted to shout “Go away”.  Too late, they came charging towards me and all I can do is jump on the bench.

Help ~ thieves ~ bandits; these raccoons are stealing the bread. I threw the bread to the other side of the lagoon, they run after it. I quickly jump out of the bench and ran out faster than a speeding bullet.

Sweating with fear during this incident, wet and saturated with my perspiration.  I am safe and sound.

25 thoughts on “Sweating with Fear – Saturated

  1. Reminds me of a duck pond I went to every day / evening to feed the ducks. It was always a time that calmed me, and when a friend came with me, we would just chat for a long time. The following year, there was a fence put in — that was about five years ago, and I still miss it! I would always have a few slices of bread or a bagel … I’d do it again if the fence wasn’t blocking me! I like your pictures, btw! 🙂

      • The city said that it wasn’t a pond, but something else (I really can’t remember what they called it). Anyway, the ducks were not supposed to be a feature. In addition, they said, it wasn’t safe for kids. To which I thought, would a mother really let kids that close to a pond to make it a concern? I was angry for a while after they put the fence up!
        I’ve never seen a racoon, though neighbours say there are some around …

  2. The person up above says that your not suppose to feed the wild animals. She is right! But what do you do when one comes up to you and is hungry. Your raccoons remind me of a time when we were camping in the Red Woods and a family, mother and three little babies came to our dinner – we fed them spaghetti with meat sauce. That is what we were eating. I love your picture because in made me remember that incident. Besides they are good photos.

    • Thank you and I am so glad it triggers good memories. There are more signs that say “a feed animal is a dead animal.” Oh well, I just have a soft spot for animals but these racoons are so human friendly. The pictures help me in putting the story together. Thank again, Mr. Driver.

  3. Raccoons are so bold. We have a couple that visit our deck every night trying to get into the locked compost bin. They’ve never managed to open it, but keep trying. The worst is when they come later than usual and knock it over when we’re asleep… Scares the bejeepers out of me every time!

    • Racoons go boldly where no men go before. They are just small bears, a scavenger. As longs as they don’t go inside your house and play with the baby, you’re safe. 😛

  4. I hope the racoons will not have to be re-located or destroyed due to the number of people who disregard the sign “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS”. Also, the birds and racoons would be much healthier if left to find their own natural foods instead of getting processed foods fed to them.

    • The Park leaves the racoons alone. It’s their natural habitat. From what I understand, they try to control the numbers though. Most people bring good quality grains to feed the animals. I am guilty of disregard the sign. I should be banned from visiting the park.

  5. You just experienced one of the reasons you’re not supposed to feed wild animals–they lose their fear of people. Besides that, they come to depend on people feeding them instead of foraging for the food. Racoons are cute, but they can cause a lot of destruction!! Good idea to toss the bread while you made your escape. 🙂


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