Romanian Rhapsody ~ Bunica

On my dear grandmother
I will love her my whole life,
She always taught me
To be a good Christian 
To be strong and wise,
To know how to fight this life,
And during hard times
To know how to get over them. 
Good advice she always gave me:
You be good
And remember
Hold your head straight up. 
Show dignity and respect
So that’s how you will treated
By others in your life. 
Respect them to be respected
 Don’t let your soul be filled with reproach
With good thoughts surround yourself
For he comes back tenfold.
He returns in your life
And that you will enjoy
And again do not forget
To be a good person my girl. 
Always think positive
This is the unwritten secret
The secret of great achievements
And of a life full of wonders. 
This is what she taught me
Grandmother, my grandmother,
A simple country woman
Good-hearted, warm look. 
Just not in vain they are called
Great wise elders,
Even without much education
They know too well the secrets of this world.
And not in vain they say
Buy yourself an old people if you don’t already have one.
They will give you good advice
Sure you will not regret it.
 Written in Romanian language by Adeena’s Bunica (Grandmother).  Thank you Adeena for sharing your Grandmother with us.  Translated by my Romanian friend.
Please visit and direct your comments to Adeena’s Bunica (Grandmother).

9 thoughts on “Romanian Rhapsody ~ Bunica

    • No, thank you, Adeena for sharing your Grandma. My Romanian friend just absolutely love the way you wrote it. She said it is written in a very formal and old way of writing.
      Blessings from Canada. Seeker.

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