Buddha says “Life is suffering.”

Photo by: Daehyun Kim Source: New York Times

Photo by: Daehyun Kim
Source: New York Times

Buddha says “Life is suffering.”  
Every time someone says this quote, I add: “Get with the program!” 
Yes, I agree.  What I do with suffering is either use it or lose it. 
Useful suffering teaches me something; it makes me wiser and cut away any useless limbs so that I may bear fruit, so to speak.  It makes me a better person, a better sister, a better friend and then some.  
Useless suffering is negative and depressing.  I cannot make sense of it.  When I try to analyze the situation, it causes analysis paralysis.  My spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being deteriorates.  I feel it’s a dead-end street and sometimes death is a good way out.  It is devastating. 
I have my fair share of suffering.  Family and friends help tremendously with their outpouring love to help me recover.  Behind this love is the deep faith we have that help me redeemed myself.  It is called Redemptive suffering. 
“Redemption accomplished through love remains always open to all love expressed through human suffering.”  Since my faith is based on the theology of Jesus, I offer my suffering to Him and I am privilege that He allows me to unite my suffering.  This is the greatest way for me in order to rise above the existential angst and cesspool of the soul. 
I can offer the grief, depression, limitation, frustration, pain and sorrow that I experience without suffering.  The uselessness of suffering becomes powerless.  Of course, I have fear.  I am never useless no matter what condition I am in.  And I can say the same to you, you are never useless.  In fact, other people can learn from us; we may be doing more good for humanity.  I know.  Being in the company of women at Talitha Kuom, I learned humility, love, perseverance, trust, compassion and patience. 
To keep up with my answer “get with the program”, I take a look at the area of my life and make sure that none of it is useless and wasted.
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15 thoughts on “Buddha says “Life is suffering.”

  1. Have been thinking about this very subject lately Perpetua. I had a really hard look at myself and am making sure that none of it is useless or wasted. I only have one life, so I aim to be the best I can be.
    Lucy 🙂

  2. “I am never useless no matter what condition I am in. And I can say the same to you, you are never useless. ” How does one learn to embrace this? When depression takes hold, in the most organic ways, it is as if one is in a deep well. I suspect I lack faith…

  3. I pause when one hear
    “get with the program.”
    Because who am to say
    that there is only one way.

    When you say to me that
    I cannot truly see
    unless you and I agree
    Then “We,” will struggle to be.

    • “there are so many ways to kiss the ground” Rumi.

      I do my thing and you do your thing
      I am not in this world to live up to your expectations
      You are you, I am I
      If by chance we find each other
      It’s beautiful.

      I stop struggling, there is no struggle.

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