Pet Peeves

There are some people who talks about their pet peeves.  Do I have one?  Yes, my pet peeve is people talking about their pet peeves.  
I enjoy reading and listening to pet peeves.  I ignore them since we have all idiosyncrasies.  Hey, I ain’t perfect.  Look at the lighter side of life; it will lower down the blood pressure.  
Besides, there is pet peeves police.  Leave it to them. 
For instance, our transit system has signs all over the transit system about etiquettes.  As far as I am concerned, we have a good system going.  The commute is never a dull moment.  There may be occasion that the system breaks down.  C’est la vie! 
Being on transit there is no such thing as sacred space.  There are times we are like sardines, very crowded.  The smell is so aromatic.  One of these days, I will wear a burka or a bandana just for my nose.  
The smell of morning breath, last night’s dinner (sardines), moth ball, hair spray or gel, the fruit lotion, Fabreeze.   Ah, just intoxicating. 
Transit police stated that since we’re all in it together (sardines), it’s important that we treat fellow sardines, I mean, riders with courtesy and respect.  This, I agree 110 percent! 
So the transit police is politely reminding us to put a lid on the “chatty Chihuahua”.  That means cell phones.   What?  No phone?  I don’t think that will fly especially most people sleep with their cell phones.  Not me.  I use landlines. 
They are asking the commuters (sardines) politely:  “Please refrain from enabling speakerphone or yelling loudly on the phone.  Keep the volume down.  Make the conversation short and sweet to avoid disturbing other passengers.” 
And in bold letters on a transit board: 

Reminder transit riders
Don’t be a Chatty Chihuahua!

Source:  Buzzer

Source: Buzzer

16 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Hahahahaha! We’ve been wet and steamy sardines around here lately… And I thing the Chatty Chihuahua was next to me today. What made it the worst was he was using a hands free thingy so he was totally like a crazy person discussing his personal business.

  2. Better a chatty chihuahua than a chatty doberman! I saw a woman with a live chicken under her arm on the NYC R train. I said not a word. I didn’t want to know…

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