This Ping is for you!

Ping-backs.  I used to get tons of Ping-backs from Daily Prompt and I don’t particularly enjoy receiving one because the blogger has not even read nor like my post.  This one thing I don’t understand.  Ping-backs. 
But now, I am going to make use of this feature to further Break the Rule. 
Instead of notifying each one of you, I will use Ping-backs.  That is just awesome. 
First of all I want to thank the donors of these awards, in no particular order. 
West Seventh Freelance
Reclaiming The Sacred
Good Times Stories
Love Seasons Come and Go
Mother of Nine (9)
Ordinary Girls’ Blog
Minted Moose
Praying for One Day 
ABC Award
 Selecting post that I read (yes, I read) is a challenge because there are so many of you, and there is only one of me.  I decided to use the number of alphabets.  There are 26 alphabets, therefore, I selected 26 posts that found a good read.  The following  post is: 

Alphabet City
Bram Vanderven
Friendly Fairy Tales
Carmela Snelbaker
Chatter Blog
Clay and Fire
Create a Beautiful Life
Dealing with COPD
Duck? Starfish?
Elizabeth Melton Parsons
GD Constantine
Hortus Closus
Food People Love and Stuff
Life Through the Eyes of a Woman
Lucy LIving
Not the family business
Observation of a Canary
Poetry on a canape
Seaons Poetry
Self-Compassion Project
Sufi Ways
The New Playground
This, That and the Other Thing
Un-Puzzled Heart
Vix Views
White Crow

These awards are for you.  Some of you may no longer accept awards but they are a token of my appreciation for being there not just for me but to others.  Take one or take them all. 
Please thank the benefactors above who original gave them to me.  I am just a middle person. 
No links, no rules.

57 thoughts on “This Ping is for you!

  1. Pingback: Skye Awards | friendlyfairytales

    • The bird talked to me and said look at me. I did for the longest time, therefore, I want to recognize the Master. That is a lovely creation. Did you create that from clay?

      • I’m glad you like, the bird had to call public attention and this fulfilling, I have modeling with red clay but use steel in legs and neck; thanks for your support I appreciate
        I’m sorry if my English is not correct, I’m improving it.

      • Belen, your English is just fine. I understand. I suppose the steel will last longer. Good luck with your artwork. You’ve got talent!

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