Parents Advisory Council

Ask the children to draw what their Mother is like, they are more than eager to show you their best work of art.

These are the pictures of the parents as drawn by the children.  In the eyes of the children, they rule just like a Queen.  
Most Mothers care enough to join the advisory council and children are delighted to see their Mothers getting involved in their school.  
 As far as I can recall, when my Mother is in the crowd of sea of parents, all I see is her.  The rest does not matter. 

18 thoughts on “Parents Advisory Council

      • Oh, I had many!!

        When I just left my old house, I boxed them up and asked my boys to keep them and show them to their children when they get older. I loved going down memory lane when I came across them. Hugs xxxx

  1. I felt the same way about my mother too. I love these drawings. You can almost feel the love and attention that was involved in making these. Thanks, P! 🙂

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