Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

To keep us “FOCUS” what is important in life.
Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death. The landscape changes, the people change, our needs change, but the train keeps moving. Life is the train, not the station ~ Paulo Coelho

My Journal


As physicallytheymay not lookperfect. Butthey arethe most beautiful children that God ever created. When manypeoplearecomplainingwith their life, thesechildren, Jelita, UbayandBella are laughing happily and they areΒ willing toplaywithus whovisit hem. Their cheerfulness is a gift tous. Wethink, we are the one who give something for them, but actually theirsmilegivesa lot of meaningtous.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

  1. I wish to focus what we really want to happen in life is as easy as setting focus of our camera! But despite all complexities, there’s one ‘focus’ to lead to… it’s called moving on. May the heavens bless us always!

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