Out of Focus

Who can I experiment on this “focus challenge approach”? 
Most people do not want to have their pictures taken.  The last time I took a picture of a person, I swear, no swearing on my part: the person swore at me.  Weeeel…. Excuse me! 
I notice most people take a picture of themselves with their smart camera.  That’s a thought.  I will experiment on me! 
Have I got an App for this challenge?  The iPad that I recently buy that sat in the casing since June will be very useful for this. 

So here are some pictures of my self-portrait.


Noses  noses



Mona LisaMona Lisa

24 thoughts on “Out of Focus

  1. really awesome, possum! 🙂 My very best, have a great afternoon and a super week, Miss Seeker! 🙂

    P.S. oh, I always count in Romanian, my 1st language… 🙂

  2. Very cool effect and slightly disturbing but in a good way. I’ve noticed that people don’t like their picture taken and I am very hesitant to ask. But it is something I know I should do because people are such interesting subjects. You have certainly shown that!

    • I had fun doing this, Ms. Strawberry. I suppose, it depends who is the taker or the mood of the person. I like taking the back part of the person more so the front view.

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