A Poem About Blue

Once in a Blue Moon…
Beautiful blue,
The color of a river,
A sway of life,
blue moonWith the glow of a knife,
Blue is a wonderful hue,
Unlike gloomy glue,
It’s the little body of a fly,
The color of the sky,
The color of the summer,
Showing a wonderful time,
The color of a peacock,
And our oceans too,
Blue is rain,
But never snow,
Who might ever know?
Blue is the Earth,
It’s life,
And wealth,
The stability of all life,
Once in a Blue Moon…
Earth is dying,
Its blue is going,
By little,
By little,
Once in a Blue Moon…
It is up to you and I,
Save the Earth,
Or only it will survive,
Once in a Blue Moon…

Once in a Blue Moon
By: Krishna

Author’s Note: We had to make this poem about our favorite color last year in school, and express it. Blue is very important for many reasons to this world, and I wanted to express it. As you all know, water is being wasted and it’s up to mankind himself to stop it. When I say Once in a Blue Moon, I mean if we don’t help Earth now, it will be once in a blue moon that it might be saved. (Meaning a long time.) This is my first partially “serious” poem as so to speak, so I hope you like it.Β Β June 14, 2008 Β KidPub.com

Photo taken by seeker on August 21, 2013 at 4:49 am

21 thoughts on “A Poem About Blue

  1. Very nice Blog, beautiful blue photo! Keep captivating the attention of your followers with your excellent creativity!

    • That is so kind of you to say. I did not touch up the photo at all and it’s amazing that the moon is really “blue”. Thank you again for your kind words.

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