Parents – To honour and obey

My dear friends, 
Upon reading posts from others, we seem to be in the generation that has aging parents. 
Some with illnesses, some who are dying and some who have rested in peace. I too can receive a phone call at any given time with my mother. I just wanted to reach out and say, our parents’ generation that brought us into this world and taught us all that we know is the last of their kind. 
A generation that has seen and done more for us and America than we can ever imagine. 
I can’t imagine their fear of their children not reaping what they had sown into America as they knew it could give us. Freedom. 
My only thoughts are of our own children today. I struggle to think now too, that they will never have the story book childhood as we had. The simple life. The chores, eating at the dinner table, playing jump rope, earning and learning what we put into, a college degree that puts them in a prospective work place, buying their first home, getting married and doing the cycle all over again with their children.
What I do know is what I can do in my world. And that is to honor my parents by teaching my children the same values, dreams, aspirations and determination to will them into a world that may or may not heed to the same values. For we don’t know or never have been in a situation where the kind of survival deals with the survival from our own government and or country. The freedom that are being suppressed or will be taken. Laws that should still apply but are outdated simply because we can’t see eye to eye. But that’s what’s ironic. 
If we were raised on the same moral principles of our great parents’ generation, then where did we go wrong? Is it really because we lack the spiritual need of having God in our hearts? In all that we do and utter from our mouths? 
Some people are sick of hearing about religion or lack thereof, as the cause of our situation. But it’s not religion. It’s what’s in our hearts. That is the beat of our country. What we imitate in our hearts to be can only come from one source. LOVE. And who is love, kindness, generous, honest, humble, truth, respectful, teacher and most of all takes you unconditionally? 
Just like our parents on where they got their inspiration from. GOD. Following our parents teaching is following their values from HIM. 
So where did we go wrong? The answer is right in our faces. I will continue with my ways of my parents. 
Will you honor them too? ~ Maria 
This was written by Maria and we are cousins.

Note:  Maria read all your comments and she wishes to thank all of you for your kind comments. 

29 thoughts on “Parents – To honour and obey

  1. I tried instilling my values in my children’s lives. Not always easy.
    But I do think the main reason things are as they are would be money. it changes people…

  2. Hi Cuz ~~ I am thanking God for young people like you, Maria. Chances are good that your children will hold your values. But it seems that each generation slips some. Most still know the rules but many don’t know and love the Ruler, God.

    BTW, there aren’t many my age who have living parents. I don’t.

    • Your blog brings memories. My third commenter was by a lady blog-named Seeker. She is a preacher’s wife who is still my FB friend. It all started with in 2005.

    • Hi Jim, I noticed that you are from blogpost. Do you know Maria personally? And how are you may I ask?

      In the clan, there are still four elders still alive. Maria’s Dad is the oldest living Uncle. Seeker.

  3. Having just lost my father-in-law this past Saturday, an extremely moving, thought provoking Blog! Perfect timing in my life for this Blog. Thank you!

  4. It must be in the family to question these things … to search for answers … to share, both questions and answers (not neccesarily at the same time) …
    As such, thank you (and Maria) for your post! 🙂

  5. My parent’s have lived with me for last decade. Mother died is Sept and I kept her home for those 5 weeks of decline from sudden unexpected diagnosis as her hospice nurse. There may be circumstances that prevent but otherwise I could never understand why children would let their parents die alone in hospice or warehouse them in some old age home. Dad will be 90 in November and gets along just fine. I am glad I see him everyday and we do things together.

    • You are a good role model to your children, Mr. DaG.

      What Maria does is the Filipino tradition that the only way we can show our gratitude to our parents when they raised us is to raise them when they get older.

  6. Hello Perpetua!

    Maria has some good points. It is a different generation from ours. I can tell by the children in the restaurants sitting on their parents phones, playing games. I wouldn’t judge because that’s just silly and wrong. I suppose its what happened in the 21st century. We txt rather than call etc, so kids are just imitating their peers. Love is right on the key, followed by respect. Good post, Perpetua! Love and many hugs to you and your cousin. Paula xxxxx

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