Meteor Showers

Many years ago, a warm summer evening, I took Carson and Emma, my friend’s grandchildren up in the mountain to watch shooting stars.  It was about the same month as now, August. 
There were hardly anyone on Cypress Mountain.  It was a perfect place for star-gazing and count shooting stars.  Of course it was more fun to challenge each other and see how many shooting stars we could count should our eyes are fast enough to spot them. 
The best way to look at the sky is to lie down on the pavement and we did exactly just that in the middle of the parking lot.  We just hope that nobody will drive up and run over us.  
As it turns out, the shooting stars became meteor showers.  It was spectacular. 
Cypress Mountain: Photo credit vancity

Cypress Mountain: Photo credit vancity

 The Meteor show which occurs in mid-August is called the Perseid Meteor Shower.  It is also known as “The Tears of Saint Lawrence.” 
Who is Lawrence? 
Lawrence was an early Christian deacon tortured to death by the Romans in AD 258. His saint’s day of August 10 coincides with the Perseids buildup. 
Lawrence’s responsibility is to handle the material goods of the Church, and to distribute alms to the poor. When Lawrence knew he would be arrested like the pope, he sold the material goods of the church and gave all the money to the poor of Rome. 
The prefect of Rome thought that the Church is rich because they use silver cups for the sacred blood and golden candlesticks.  He asks Lawrence to bring all the Church’s treasures for the emperor.  
Lawrence replied that the Church was indeed rich. “I will show you a valuable part. But give me time to set everything in order and make an inventory.” After three days he gathered a great number of blind, lame, maimed, leprous, orphaned and widowed persons and put them in rows. When the prefect arrived, Lawrence simply said, “These are the treasure of the Church.” 
Needless to say, this angers the prefect and sentenced him to death. 
According to legend, Laurence was martyred on an iron grill over a fire, during the ordeal he quipped to his persecutors: “Turn me over. I’m done on this side!” 
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33 thoughts on “Meteor Showers

  1. I first saw the persieds meteor shower when I was 7 & I’ve been hooked ever since. To see a flash of light from the beginning of the universe is to see the finger of God as he created everything I sense. Being able to witness it Is just like a Sacrament.

  2. The sky photo is beautiful. I hadn’t known of the name “St. Lawrence’s Tears” before. “The beauty of the Lord be upon us” (Psalm 90:17).

  3. We don’t have those showers visible here – at least, i’ve never seen them.
    Can imagine that it must be a spectacular sight!
    As for Poor Lawrence – even in the Church, money is all important, more’s the pity…

    • Ms, g. Next August, find out which part of your country you can witness this. It’s an experience and a half.
      Yes and for Lawrence, that was very brave to liquidate all the assets and give them away to the poor.

  4. Wow, Perpetua. That was really interesting. While I’ve heard of Lawrence, I never knew his story or his martyrdom. And I’ve never seen meteor showers before either, because I don’t live in the right area for that. Really interesting-Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Cheryl, Hope you are well. The shower happens every August. Maybe next year, you may want to go on a trip where there is a better viewing. For Lawrence, I just found that out myself. Take Care. Perpetua.

      • Perpetua,

        I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to you, but i’ve been under the weather. I would love to go to Lawrence to see the showers… Who knows? Maybe the Lord will make a way for me to go. 🙂

        God bless you,

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