Just Woke Up,,,

Having finished the month-end work yesterday, I am proud of myself.  Ha!  One point for me.  While I feel good about accomplishment, I left a note for the supervisor if I can take a day off today. 
Yippee …. Approved!
Happiness is silence, the alarm clock on a Friday is off, full bliss.  But of course, the body has an internal clock that will wake up automatically because it’s already trained to do so.  Needless to say, lying in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness, dreaming the morning away, warm sheet with furry friends, listening to the traffic outside on a wet road and then some. 
Wet road?  
This is a good sign.  The parch earth could use a little bit of moisture just enough to soak up the ground for the plants.  I welcome this little drop of rain. 
I could hear the hummingbird singing on the “Holy” tree.  The high-pitched call of the woodpecker up on the roof is also present. 
Living in the city, this is all good, to hear nature calls. 
The bonus part of this day off, it will be a stretch of four days away from work,  Monday, August 4 is a statutory holiday, British Columbia (BC) Day.  Oh what a joy. 
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