Summer School

At 10 a.m. the line-up is already long.  By noon, it would have criss-cross all the way to the back entrance of Starbucks and Chapters. 
summer school
I wanted to take a course for a day.  The course name is Scientist for A Day. 
Since I enjoy doing experiment, mostly to myself not on other people, it’s about time that I do it the right way. 
The course will guide the students to explore the wonders of science through the careers of various scientists.  There will be demonstrations of hands on experiments and the bonus part is I can wear a lab coat.  Not just an ordinary coat but a white lab coat.  I have always wanted to wear one, as a scientist even just for a day. 
It would be fun to explore and learn science.  Since I am a curious person by nature, this course for sure will keep me alive, rather than die due to curiosity, just like a cat.  But of course, pardon the pun, curiosity brought him back. 
As I was ready to join the line-up, I read the fine prints: “For Grades 1 to 3”.   This is just not fair at all. 
I suppose I have to carry on and just have to continue my experiment.  I better check the fridge. 

25 thoughts on “Summer School

  1. No fair! The good stuff shouldn’t just be for kids. Seriously, a lot of adults could use such a class!!! I hope you went to the playground after this and did some swing therapy. Nothing like swinging on swings to relieve disappointment. And the park doesn’t put an age limit on their equipment!!! 🙂

    • I kept on saying no fair. Nobody listens. Swing, of course, I went to the playground and took over. Next time, I will dye my hair and see if I can fool them to let me in,

  2. LOL. I’ve done that too. Usually the classes are for the youngings … Especially with art and animation … I feel silly, and yes, I always say, “it’s not fair!” I even wonder if they would object to have an adult watch maybe from the back. I’ve never tried. Yeah, a lab coat, even for a day, would neat. 🙂

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