It’s what’s in your heart that matters ~ Story of Pilgrim George

Pilgrim George wanted to become a priest, but his heart was empty.  He took a leave of absence to pray and seek the Lord. 
He joined a group of hippies feeding the homeless in Los Angeles, then a group of doomsayers in Colorado.  The group was waiting for the end of the world, but it did not happen, and the group split up.  He went up to the mountains to be alone. 
It was in solitude, he said, that he really “came to know the Father’s love” and felt called to go on a pilgrimage. So in 1970, he took a freighter out of New Orleans, sailed to Spain, and journeyed, mostly by foot, to Jerusalem to retrace the steps of Jesus. He was 29. 
Piligrim George“When it was over, I felt (the message) in my heart that ‘now you will be a pilgrim for the rest of your life and you will walk in the desert of the city of man,’” he said. “In 1973, I came into the charismatic Catholic renewal and found a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Lord had introduced me each way to the persons of the Holy Trinity, and I was ready to witness and share my faith.” 
Pilgrim George went on the road to meet the churched and the unchurched. He prays and sings as he walks, and makes eye contact with passers-by. Some people along the way give him food, water or alms, and occasionally, a short ride or a place to sleep. 
“It doesn’t matter what way of life God calls you to — married, single, priest, layperson, it’s what’s in your heart that matters. Spirituality is something that anyone can seek, no matter where they are.” Pilgrim George said. 
Here is the full story of Pilgrim George.
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22 thoughts on “It’s what’s in your heart that matters ~ Story of Pilgrim George

  1. I lke the reference to ‘his heart was empty’ – what love he is filled with now!!
    Thanks again for the beautiful story
    Lucy 🙂

  2. God makes Himself accessible to all and as St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “Grace builds on nature.” Pilgrim George is a great example of this. Thanks for this post.

  3. Great post! Absolutely – follow your heart and you will find spirituality wherever you are, and you will know the right path.

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