What is my excuse?

I can’t face the day today. 
Cat from Ella
 Happiness was short-lived or should I say I had a rude awakening yesterday.  Not because the alarm clock went off at 5 a.m. and the cats won’t stop meowing because they are hungry. 
I actually went to bed happy.  I woke up happy until I turned on the computer and read my post about Happiness and a woman doing the happy dance.  I was really happy because I thought yesterday was Friday.  
Today is  June 26, 2013, Friday, in Vancouver, Canada 
Sorry about that folks, it was an honest mistake that the brain is playing tricks on me. 
Maybe because I wanted to skip Thursday because of an unpleasant task I must face.  I’ve waited anxiously for Thursday to come and somehow, I managed to wipe it out of mind.  
Thank goodness, I realized my mistake otherwise I will be in a worst situation should I have completely forgotten Thursday.  It is worth mentioning that a couple of  post, it helped me get out of this mood. 
meandtheboss2013 lifted my spirit for his kindness post: Do the Deed 
 “It would be
absurd to think
that we are full
of virtues
just because
we are on a
spiritual quest.”
 ~ Perpetua, The Seeker
David Kanigan’s Mantra helped me focus for the day. 
Thank you both for being a good influence on me first thing in the morning yesterday.  I needed that. 
Please accept a token of my appreciation that came from JT Weaver.  The Most Influential Blogger Award. 
 Thank you, JT, Me and David.  Also, thank you, Ela, for the picture of the cat.
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16 thoughts on “What is my excuse?

  1. I forget days all the time! Some times, when the paper I get delivered says today is [insert day], I get a surprise. I either missed a day, or am doing it over … Lol. 🙂

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