Blue Sky

What’s up? 
One colleague constantly asks me: What’s Up? 
Being English is my second or maybe third language, I take this question literally.  I look up and the response I give him is: the ceiling, the light, the air blower or anything that’s above me.  He seems to get a kick out of these answers. 
Yesterday, we were outside and he asked me the same question.  And I look up and said: blue sky. 
Yes, 26 straight days of blue sky, hardly any clouds in the sky.  I love the blue sky but I cannot tolerate being in the sun.  
I would think coming from a tropical place close to the equator would make me immune to the sunshine hoping that the dark pigmentation of my skin will deflect all the UV rays.  It does but I’d sooner be in the shade. 
In the meantime, the grassy area of the board is covered with white bodies trying to soak up the sun. 
I hope they are wearing Sunscreen. 
This post is inspired by Claudia ~ July Peace Post.

7 thoughts on “Blue Sky

  1. Perpetua, I’m the same way. I love blue skies, but the heat and sun give me a difficult time. I’m glad I can inspire. You made me smile. Thanks! 🙂

  2. I like your answers, P! Yep, French is my first language, and I notice how much the English ask that question, without really expecting an answer, other than maybe “Fine,” or “okay, you?” Whereas in French we say Salut. Comment ca va? is a question that we will expect an answer to. Funny, two languages in the same country, yet different … expectations.
    Great post, thank you! 🙂

  3. I lived a while in the tropics (Belize, Central America) and quickly learned that wonderful weather was overcast and cool and also that the best place to walk was on the shady side of the street! Cheers! Tomas ♥

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