“Freshly” picked from my mind….

“Freshly” picked from my mind….
Before, I forget (again), I better give more tokens of appreciation.

These tokens (awards) came from:
Shine On from Ordinary Girl’s Peculiar Blog
Best Moment from Good Time Stories
Rose of Kindness from Praying for One Day
Wonderful Team from Shaun
Best Moment from Scotland
It is always feel good to receive an acknowledgement from gifted bloggers.  Thank you.
Now it’s my turn to pass their generosity.
A token of my appreciation to the following sites.  Thank you for being there. 
Animal Palooza
A Journey Called Life
Christine Jacox Photography
Bridging Worlds
Follow Your Nose
Along The Way
Untangling the Tangles
Beautiful Stories from Around The World
JT Weaver
KM Huber
Lucy Living
GD Konstantine
Of LIght and Lens
P. E. A. C. E.
Prodigal Chick
True Beauty Mnistries
Travel and Trifles
Naturally Fun Days
Escaping Elegance
The Oneness of Humanity
Duck? Starfish? but 23…

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