45 thoughts on “Write it down while it’s Fresh….

  1. I love this since I was just like this, but when I forgot I would blame it on other things. Now I write it down and things are much much easier. Thanks for the tip to write down important things. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

  2. I hate it when good ideas come to me when I’m the LRT or when I’m at church–two places I couldn’t write.
    I rely on reminders.
    That’s the first half. if I could summon my muse like the first time I thought of the idea, that would be great. But there are times when I no longer can. So the idea is lost to me.

  3. Oh good grief YES! But I have gotten to the point in life where I KNOW I need to write it down and don’t even try to remember. And if I am going to the grocery store to get more than two things, I have to make a list! 🙂

  4. So many times! I’ll be out with the kids or in the car or watching TV or gardening and have a great idea for a blog post or something for the book and think I’ll remember! I’ve started using my phone for notes, but that doesn’t do me any good if I don’t use it.

    • Hmmm… seems the majority has phone for notes nowadays. You are right, it is useless if we don’t use it. Now that is another topic. Thank you, Jodi.

  5. I recently “liked” an article in LinkedIn about the importance of taking notes. Surprisingly, a former intern liked it back! It was a great opportunity to catch up with her as she was one of the ones I was constantly reminding to go get her paper & pen to takes notes as I explained a project. Needless to say when she started working after college, she found out the hard way how important that was.


    • Nancy, remember when we were in elementary or high school, the teacher will dictate and we are suppose to take down notes? That was a good exercise that I try to maintain. Note taking is really important that we can always go back to it, if we remember 😛

  6. I used to tell myself the same lie, now I jot down thoughts and leave them by my computer for days I want to create a story that isn’t about Al

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