A Token of My Appreciation

What makes a post Freshly Pressed?  WordPress provides tips and tricks on this one.  I still cannot understand how some are picked when I don’t even like it. 
What makes a post “Like” able?  This question is more in line with the way I think.    Sometimes, I receive these: 


Thank you to these blogger where the Awards came from:
Mama Bear
Finding My Inner Courage
Mother of Nine9
Samina’s Forum
JT Weaver
Thought Summary
Mr. Deo aka The Scientist

There are so many who come and “like” my post.  And today, I am here to acknowledge most of you and give you a token of my Appreciation.  In alphabetical order: 

Book Quotes Hub
Ese’s Voice
In Sense of You
John Coyote
Life With John
Like Reading on a Train
Lovely Season Come and Go
Me and The Boss
Opalla on Trails
Radiating Blossom
The Rider
Tin Can Traveler
These are not Awards.  There are no rules.  But should you wish to pass them forward, you may find the rules by visiting the sites of people who are so kind in giving me these awards. 
Take (n)one or take them all.  Thank you for your presence. 
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46 thoughts on “A Token of My Appreciation

  1. Congratulations for the beautiful awards. You and your blog deserve these awards. Your posts inspire me and you always make me laugh out loud with such a lovely sense of humor. God bless you. Best wishes for more recognition from your fellow bloggers, I don’t care about the freshly pressed.

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