25 thoughts on “Help Desk… How May I Help You…

  1. I provide computer support for a large international company.I have been on both sides, the customer and the support person. As a customer, life can be very frustrating when your computer is not working and you have deadlines to meet.

    It is also frustrating when you are the support person assisting a very angry and frustrated customer and you are being yelled at for something that is not your fault,

    However, when the computer is fixed, and the customer calms down, and you are able to help them actually meet that deadline they thought they were going to miss, it is very rewarding, especially if the customer recognizes your efforts.

    I have been doing what I do at this company for a long time. My customers love me and I love them, However, if they need something fixed urgently, they can still get frustrated and take it out on me…until I get them fixed up that is. It’s OK, I have thick skin and I have been on that side of the road myself. I understand and don’t take it personally 😀

    • With the technology, most people want instant “fix”. As a customer, I understand it must be really difficult for the other. I’ve learnt that we cannot rush this because the system will be fix in a patch up manner. Eventually, the system will crash again.

    • OH, Ms. g. Sorry, I didn’t realized there is a comment. And you are right. I think, they just need to vocalize what the problem it and until they found out they actually put their feet in their mouth. 😛

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