Worst Nightmare

I have this fear.  Yes, I admit it.  I may sound fearless but as I get older, being part of the boomer generation, this brain is starting to lose some parts.  Memory parts, that is. 

In order for me to remember, I have to make a list; checking it twice, maybe more. 


I am afraid of leaving the stove on.  I did once and thank goodness, nothing went up in smoke.  To remedy this, I put the timer on, two timers in fact, just to jar me out of reverie. 

I am afraid on turning the wrong stove on.  I did, many times.  I was heating a frying pan and after 15 minutes, I thought, gee, how come the pan is cold as ice.  Then I looked at the other element where the rice cooker is resting, it was all melted.  To prevent further accident, I took out all the knobs of the stove except for two that I am supposed to use. 


My heating bill is so high.  Why?  Again, I neglect to turn it off.  To save cost, I completely turned it off and wear heavy clothing, socks, mittens and toque during winter.  Or snuggle up with my two furry cats to keep me warm.


I keep the balcony open most of the times.  I love going out on the balcony late at night and first thing in the morning.  When I come in, I make sure that I lock the balcony behind me.  I did.  But I did not notice that Lucy, the cat, was locked out all day long. 


I have worn this darn appendage in my mouth for ages while I wait for an implant since December of 2012.  This is going far too long not to be able to eat properly.  This is an additional thing to remember that I put the dentures before I walk out of the door.  I forgot.  And this is my worst nightmare! 

A list would help and I created one:

  • Heater
  • Stove
  • Balcony
  • Lucy (double underline)
  • Mirror and a picture

This list is a life saver and prevents any further embarrassment.  I pasted it exactly where I definitely will see to trigger the brain, right on the front door.  This is what I see before I walk out of my sanctuary.

2012 June 12 check list

Problem solved and fearless.

32 thoughts on “Worst Nightmare

  1. Many years ago, I had a dog turn on a burner on the cook-top while we were out. Luckily, there was nothing on there but the dog must have thought there was. Apparently, when she jumped up to see if there was a tasty treat up there, she hit the knob and turned on the gas. Imagine our surprise when we came home and the burner was on.eek! Now we have a baby gate that blocks the kitchen so the dogs can’t get in there 🙂 =^.^=

  2. I am in the same boomer boat. One day I walked out and just before I got to the elevator I looked down and saw that I had my slip on but no skirt. Another time I was going to go across the street to the store and while I was in the elevator I realized I had my jammies on. I truly am a ditz!

  3. Yes you are so right I am crazy for checking and rechecking my stoves and heaters and balcony doors. Putting out a list would be wonderful. I have been through most of the mistakes which you have mentioned. Now I am extra cautious but I think a list would definitely be a good idea. Thanks for such practical tips. Take care.

  4. Don’t forget to look at the list, Seeker. Granny always does….she sometimes forget if she let me in, or if I’m still outside. Then she sits untill the middle of the night in the room, waiting for me, while I’m in bed for hours..MOL 😀

  5. I kinda do the same thing. I have a mental checklist of everything that I should have before walking out the door. Kids, keys, purse, phone, locks, etc. I should add a few, hubby dearest has left the stove on twice in the last month!

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