Love gave me Life

The Hope of LIfe, gave me love in my life today. It is very difficult to explain but The Rose says it all for me. A powerful post.

Hope of light

Love gave me life,
Never allow to die,
It hold my hand
when time was wrong
Hug me like a baby
when I don’t want to carry on.

It gives new meaning to my life,
Love gave me a new life
when I feel I can’t survive.

You are the reason,
behind everything I do.
Because of you I know
how dreams comes true.

I need you more today,
then I need you yesterday….
take my hand
make me alive
give me a feeling
that I can touch the sky.

When love embrace me,
I forget my pain
when love hold me,
I can dance in the rain.

Love completes me,
I forgot how to complain.
It gives freedom to feel free
Just be what I want to be

– Supriya

Words are the real possessions of a writer through them he/she  shows his/her feelings, emotions, thoughts and imagination and…

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