I Love Lucy

How can I not love Lucy?  She is my adorable companion and to Maurice.  She is no ordinary cat, she is a wanting cat. 
I want you to play with me, I want to go out, I want to eat, and I want this and that.  The list goes on and giving in to her whims, exhausts me, especially at day break. 
Hack, cough, hack, I heard around 4 am.  It was Lucy trying to get the hairball or having one of her bulimic moments.  Eat and purge.  Then it was quiet for a moment.  Next thing, she did her running fit with her special cat sound effect. Jump on the bed, run beside me, above my head and rested there.  This is not a good time, Lucy, 30 more minutes and I will rise to go to work.  I need my beauty sleep.  But she won’t budge.  So, I threw her out of bed and I might as well do the same.  Remembering that she just did the hacking fit, I was careful not to step on land mine or mines. 
And here comes Lucy again, jumped on the bed, squatted and did No. 2, yes, No. 2.  I watched her with horror.  Plop one, plop two, plop three steaming mounds.  Fully formed not runny.  Oh my goodness, Lucy.  Why?  Think on the bright side, I thought, it’s not runny, okay? 
Deep breath, the smell of poopies on my bed, I remained calm, cool and collected.  That is I collected the poops.  Then took out the first layer of the bed sheet. 
Here comes Lucy again.  Doing the two steps and dropped her fat body on top of the soft duvet.  She quietly got up, circled where she sat down and smelled it.  I smelled urine.  Lucy did No. 1. That did it. Urine is the worst thing.  Lucy, you are now grounded, no food for you all day. 
The bedding must be removed quickly, cleaned the spot and poured out a box full of baking soda all over the bed to soak up the smell.  What a cat-astrophy.
Shame on you, Lucy

Shame on you, Lucy

The things I do for my cats.  I love Lucy. 
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27 thoughts on “I Love Lucy

  1. Cats do not pee or poop outside their litter box unless something is wrong. Either the box needs to be cleaned or they are stressed or there is something wrong physically. If this happens again, you really need to look into this.
    First, I would take Lucy to the vet to eliminate physical illness and if everything comes back normal only then look at everything else.

  2. Sounds like my Rufus as a kitten. He often settled himself on my head (day as well as night time). For the first couple of months, the poor thing had the runny kind. Changed his diet and hasn’t happened again. A lot of patience yielded more results.
    I hope Lucy feels better soon!

      • I am glad to hear he’s feeling better … 🙂
        The SPCA is currently showing an on TV that is darn heartbreaking I have to mute it and not look while it’s on. Instead of a beautiful song, they just play the sound of animals whimpering — Just terrible!

      • Lucy is back in her abnormal frame of mind. 😛 As for those ads even the World Vision televised children who are suffering, I have to turn off the TV because sometimes I feel so useless that I can’t save the world.

      • Yep, that’s exactly it! Don’t they just know how to tug at our hearts? I appreciate that they need funds, but I just can’t do it, and yet I feel guilt …

  3. Lucy is a beautiful cat. Is there something medically wrong with her? Is this her normal behavior? What a way to wake up. I hope this was not a foreshadow of the kind of day you were to have.

  4. Our bedspread bears the stains of a thousand hairballs… but nothing else! Yet, no matter what, we do love them!

    And why is it that whatever noise is to be made comes about 30 minutes before the alarm goes off? It seems a cruel and yet purposeful joke!

    That Lucy is a cutie.

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